Coping one day at a time

A modern life is never far, it seems, from a stress-induced tipping point. The demands placed on us by work, family, friends and our environment can all combine to push us to our limits. Imagine how you feel when you travel to work leaving behind an argument unresolved with a partner, read the newspaper with its depressing headlines “Spain’s Economic Forecast Misery”, arrive at work and learn a colleague is off sick, your workload has doubled momentarily, you have a looming deadline and then you get a phonecall from the bank denying you a personal loan you desperatly need.

Trigger (un)happy

These are all triggers for a heightened stress response in your body. Subtly your body adjusts and with an increase in your rate of respiration, heart rate, blood pressure and an increase of stress hormone production. It is the body’s ingenious way to cope with stressful situations by a heightened response from the sympathetic nervous system. You are more alert and more focused so better able to cope with the pressure and in the short–term this is useful but when it continues unrelentingly it may become a problem. Keeping control of the balance between stress and relaxation is essential in modern life.

Chronic or prolonged stress can detract from your quality of life as well as increase your chances of suffering from serious illness such as clinical depression or Type 2 diabetes so it is important to be in control of how stress is affecting you and your life.

There are many ways to combat stress and its negative effects, but the best is a a combination of exercise, massage and meditation or mindfulness.

If you think you are suffering from stress and would like to do something about I would encourage you to have a read through the Mind guide to managing stress and make some positive changes towards rebalancing your mind and body.  Mind’s Guide to Managing Stress

Massage in Marbella

If you would like to book a massage in Marbella I am available for treatments in your home. As a fully qualified and experienced massage therapist I can provide an excellent treatment that will help you to deal with stress levels.

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