Benefits of Sports Massage

How can Sports Massage help you?

If you are an active person you will benefit from a sports massage in Marbella. Whether you are a casual sports person or a dedicated athlete, sports massage can be  used to prevent injury, enhance your performance, increase energy and endurance levels and aid quicker recovery after training. Coupled with a good stretching routine massage will also improve and maintain flexibility and body awareness which is important not only for sporting performance but also for musculoskeletal health.

A sports massage is a more focused treatment than a therapeutic massage and typically will involve using a variety of stretching protocols, joint mobility work and more active involvement from you, the patient.

But I am  not a gym bunny

A sports massage is not only for sports people, it is can be used as a treatment for many common muscular aches and pains by working directly, and deeply on the affected muscles. Do you suffer from a stiff neck, lower back pain, headaches or chronic pain? Many common ailments such as these have their root cause in muscular problems such as trigger points or muscular imbalance and sports massage can help.

How can I make an appointment?

I regularly work with a variety of different sports people as well as unsporting clients suffering from muscular pain and have found that weekly or twice monthly sports massage can help so many problems.

If you would like to speak to me regarding your needs, or if you have any questions about whether a massage is suitable for you, please do not hesitate to call me on my mobile: +34 693807410 or email me at

Sports Massage Marbella: The cheat sheet of benefits

  • Enhance your body awareness
  • Identify problem areas before they develop into injuries
  • Deal with trigger points
  • Relax and stretch muscles
  • Improve range of motion and flexibility
  • Restore suppleness and elasticity
  • Relieve pain and stress
  • Free muscle adhesions and soften scar tissue caused by injury or overuse
  • Decrease muscle tone and improve blood flow through muscle
  • Relax the body and mind
  • Speed recovery and healing

Please note that I do have a cancellation policy for appointments booked: please advise of any cancellations at least 24 hours prior.


“All my athletes spoke highly of Tracey and her work and I found working with her to be very good.”

John Hirsch Strong Like Bull (February 2011)


“The sports massage service provided by Tracey is well recommended if you hope to put in plenty of laps over the 3 days. Tracey has a good understanding of sports massage, in particular arm, leg and back pain experienced on physically demanding tracks.”

Jeremy McWilliams (former MotoGP rider)

Jeremy McWilliams Superbike Academy (November 2010)


“Tracey attended our Jerez trackday in September 2010 to provide a sports massage service for our riders. All of the riders that made use of the service were very positive about the experience and the benefits, and many that normally suffer from a few aches and pains after a day or 2 riding on the track commented that it made an immense difference, and allowed them to continue to ride ache-free for the full 3 days”

Tony Hill

Track Sense (September 2010)


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Massage for Depression

Massage is not a cure for depression, there is no cure that we know of. But we do know that massage, for some sufferers, can bring about a much more positive frame of mind and help the sufferer to cope.

Pelvic Mobilisation

Misalignment of the pelvis can contribute to lower back pain (LBP) and knee pain as well as upper back and neck pain. This is not a traditional massage treatment, although it may still involve some massage over a smaller area. Please wear loose fitting shorts that will allow for stretching and hip mobilisation.

Stress Management

A modern life is never far, it seems, from a stress-induced tipping point. The demands placed on us by work, family, friends and our environment can all combine to push us to our limits.

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Myofascial Pain Syndrome

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