Social golf is a competitive, high stakes game and every part-time golfer would like to have the benefits of the pros – a great set of golf clubs, world-class golf courses and advice from the experts in training and preparation and efficient and effective sports massage. The Costa Del Sol’s golf courses can certainly provide world-class venues to amateur golfers and it is only dependent on your bank account as to how great your clubs are! Beyond that there is a lot you can do for yourself in terms of training and preparation: becoming more body aware; being fit; healthy and prepared physically for your game is all up to you. I am a sports massage therapist based in Marbella, on the Costa del Sol and would like to encourage more golfers visiting the Marbella area to prepared themselves for a round of golf with a pre- and post-game sports massage treatment.

Sports Massage

Sports massage or deep tissue massage is a great tool that golfers can use to help them with their sport. Having a pre-game deep tissue massage to loosen areas of tightness,stretch out key muscles and to enable fluid joint movement will help how you play your game and how you feel after the game.

The value of a warm-up

Many golfers are not in the habit of going through a good warm-up and stretch regime before they play and often suffer tightness, muscle pain or muscle injury after a game as a result of a non-existent or insufficient warm-up. To help the body cope with the after effects of exercise, a post-game massage as well as a regular stretch and warm-up routine is invaluable. The quicker you get rid of the waste products of energy production held in contracted muscles the better you will feel. A post-game massage can be more targeted to any areas which are tending towards injury by being overly tight, or an overall deep treatment which will give all major muscle groups enough attention to promote quicker healing and relieve pain which will boost your ability to recover from your game.

If you are not usually active, or committed to a regular exercise regime it is normal that playing golf (or any sports) will create muscle soreness; but the benefit of massage in sports is irrefutable and not only for sporting superstars – you can give yourself the same treatment too! Take the time to invest in a good pre- and post-game sports massage or deep tissue treatment; it will facilitate key muscle and joint movement and you will see the results in your game and feel the results for yourself.

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Happy golfing!