Although it is not commonplace at all trackday events, sports massage for motorbike riders definitely has its place can help riders immensely with some fine tuning before and after strenuous competition. Participating in a trackday event can be like going through some kind of sustained assault on the body; even if you consider yourself a pretty tough racing machine. It’s inevitable – ride a high-speed sports bike around a track for hours, testing your physical limits at each corner with braking forces, accelerating out of corners, manoeuvring your body and keeping mentally focused, all take their toll.

Core strength

Although most committed bike riders have a good level of strength, fitness and flexibility a weekend on track will still have you feeling achey. If you have already taken part at a trackday event you will know that for many riders pain and stiffness is just part of the experience – tightness in the forearms, shoulders, lower back, thighs and calves is a common experience. As a sports massage therapist I am working towards making the provision of a sports massage therapy trackside a ‘must’. The trackday riders I have worked with at Track Sense trackdays in 2010 and 2011 have all commented on how effective and useful the sports massage treatments are.

Bikers benefit

Sports massage helps to relax, lengthen and loosen muscles and so give added flexibility to joints. Preparing your muscles in this way will make movement easier, more effective, enable you to participate in the event for longer, should improve your overall performance and help to prevent muscular injury such as sprains or tears – clearly this is if you stay on your bike, please don’t come and see me if you hurt as a result of being flung into the gravel. It’s the medics you’ll need then!

I encourage riders to use the sports massage facility throughout the event – one 20-minute session a day for the three days. Not only does this provide all the physical benefits of sports massage it also gives me a good chance as your therapist to identify problem areas and get to know how your body mechanics work and respond to the massages.

Trackside tips

Of course sports massage is not only the way to improve your riding and your appreciation of the event. You should also make sure that you are properly hydrated, and going through a short warm-up and stretching routine will also help prepare your body for the day’s riding. And if your body and mind are all fighting-fit perhaps you could benefit from some top-class rider training as is provided at most trackdays.

If you have any questions with regard to sports massage for motorbike riders please email me at or submit your comments below. If you are a trackday organizer and would like to have a sports massage service at your trackday, please feel free to get in touch. I am currently attending events at Jerez, Almeria and Cartagena circuits.

Looking forward to treating you trackside!