There must be quite a few things a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them. Sylvia Plath

Obviously in terms of cure, I think she meant ‘cure’!  In my opinion you could quite easily replace hot bath with massage in this quote as I think many people have the same feeling about a massage; it is so relaxing, and at the same time it ‘cures’. Like a hot bath, a massage is great especially for soothing worries away, giving you ‘me time’ and starting the dialogue of relaxation between body and mind. Just as the hot water starts the process of de-contraction in the muscles, your massage therapist works into muscles coaxing the stress out of them; and so the body is able to let go, the mind is released and allowed to fly.


Sylvia Plath was a famous sufferer of depression, a poet too, of course. Many people struggle with depression throughout their lives and its seriousness as an illness is irrefutable and taking control of depression is vital.

Massage is not a cure for depression, there is no cure that we know of. Recent research indicates that exercise is a valuable treatment, and we do know that massage, for some sufferers, can bring about a much more positive frame of mind and help the sufferer to cope.  Anecdotal evidence from sufferers shows that there are positive changes that massage can bring. One of the comments I came across while researching this topic is very telling: “I found that massage therapy to help treat my depression was extremely useful and very much contributes to my overall well being. If my week was very stressful I would be counting down the days until my massage.”

There are many aspects to depression; it has been described as a ‘whole body illness, involving your body, mood, and thoughts’. Massage for depression will work towards healing the body, mood and mind.

Mood-enhancing benefits of massage

The effects of the massage movements, pressure and the sense of touch all contribute to the stimulation of nerve receptors in the body which will increase the release of mood-enhancing chemicals into the body. These chemicals will lessen feelings of anxiety and increase the body’s sensation of happiness. Additionally massage will also decrease the body’s levels of hormones associated with stress.

Massage will also help with any pain relief associated with high levels of stress and anxiety that translates as the feeling of knotted muscles in your body. .

I was also very interested to learn that the amount of alpha brain waves also increases during a massage – they are “associated with relaxation and promoted a sense of calm when increased”.

Added help with aromatherapy

I also love the use of aromatherapy oils in a massage, they can really enhance your sense of well-being during a massage, and specific oils will have great benefits for those suffering from depression: ask your therapist for any of the following: Clary Sage, Lavender, Ylang-Ylang, Chamomile, Frankincense, Sandalwood and Marjoram.

If you are suffering from depression and are researching different approaches to dealing with your illness I encourage you to give massage treatments a go. Be sure to let your therapist know before you start with a course of treatments what you want to achieve through massage, be open and honest and let your massage therapist design a massage for you that works for you.

To book a massage for depression in Marbella please call me on the number below, I am available Monday to Saturday for appointments between 9am and 5pm. I turn my mobile off during a treatment or while driving, so if I don’t answer please leave a message and I will happily return the call.


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