The hills of Andalusia, are alive with cyclists! We have a huge variety of roads to challenge and inspire those devoted to their cycle training as well a very favorable climate to enjoy your outdoor pursuits. There are plenty of companies to choose from when planning a training holiday in Andalusia, Spain with great provision in terms of the essentials like accommodation with good sustenance and the extras like entertainment for rest days. What not everyone considers is the importance of having a sports massage therapist on hand to aid recovery for the cyclists. Of course, as a sports massage therapist in Marbella, I make it my business to inform and educate those who do not use sports massage in their training regime on why they should, and the benefits for the sports person.

Why should sports massage be part of a cycle training program?

A training cyclist will ordinarily suffer from aches and pains from the endurance that their sport demands, but they may also have some very specific difficulties because of the posture they adopt on their bike during a ride. Being folded over in the ‘question mark’ position has implications for your neck, back and chest. Many cyclists will experience neck pain as well as back pain. Much can be done in a post-training massage to relieve this tension which develops from imbalance and adopting this unnatural position.

Another area that takes a battering (literally) is the wrists and forearms. As a cyclist is bent forwards, there is pressure building up in the forearms and wrists as the cyclists holds on to the handlebars and adding to this, absorbs any jolts or bumps the terrain surprises him with. To avoid injury – the most serious being ulnar neuropathy (hand numbness) – the wrists and forearms should be worked on by your massage therapist.

Powering the cycle with repetitive motion those legs are going to be suffering too. Specifically, the hamstrings and calves need extending and elongating. The pedalling motion and seated position keeps them shortened and prone to injury when the pace or the gradient of the cycle changes and they need to lengthen. The quads are the powerhouses and powering up hills will make them congested and in need of regaining some of their flexibility. Sports massage in these areas is vital to avoid injury and to maintain a supple body. Watch out for hamstring injuries and Achillies tendinitis.

The hips, because they support the supper body common suffers pain, stiffness and a lack of flexibility after a long ride, or successive days of riding. Deep sports massage helps the hips to open up again, and promotes freedom of movement around the joint with the spine, as well as in the hip joints. Cyclists should be aware of piriformis syndrome and be stretching the deep pelvic muscles sufficiently as well as getting regular sports massage.

Make sports massage part of your training

Sports massage is becoming more and more accepted in sports and many professionals and fitness enthusiasts find that by integrating regular sports massage into a training schedule the athlete will benefit from less injuries, enhanced performance and greater endurance.

I am a sports massage therapist based in Marbella, providing sports massage to many types of sports people and fitness enthusiasts on the Costa del Sol. If you would like a treatment in Marbella get in touch and find out how sports massage can help you. If you are organising a sporting event in Andalucia and would like to have a sports massage therapist attend, please let me know, as I frequently travel to attend sporting events. You can call me on +34 693807410.