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Pelvic Mobilisation

Misalignment of the pelvis can contribute to lower back pain (LBP) and knee pain as well as upper back and neck pain. This is not a traditional massage treatment, although it may still involve some massage over a smaller area. Please wear loose fitting shorts that will allow for stretching and hip mobilisation.

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Stress Management

A modern life is never far, it seems, from a stress-induced tipping point. The demands placed on us by work, family, friends and our environment can all combine to push us to our limits.

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Myofascial Pain Syndrome

A commonly encountered problem in the field of massage is chronic bodily pain, medically known as myofascial pain syndrome. This pain syndrome is caused by muscle trigger points, which are like small and ongoing cramps in the muscle, which are painful and lead to constrictions in the surrounding tissues. Often this leads to a loss of range of motion and referred or localised pain.

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As a massage therapist working in Marbella, Spain, I have found the following companies/organizations helpful and recommendable!

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Therapeutic Massage

Massage can help with many problems: deeper techniques are used for very tired, overused muscles; drainage techniques are used for weightloss and to stimulate circulation and detox; your massage can even be focused on improving muscle tone or simply to help you to de-stress completely.

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Sports Massage

Sports massage is not only for sports people, it is can be used as a treatment for many common muscular aches and pains by working directly, and deeply on the affected muscles. Do you suffer from a stiff neck, lower back pain, headaches? Many common ailments such as theses have their root cause in muscular problems such as trigger points or muscular imbalance.

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Sports Massage Marbella Top Tips

As a sports massage therapist working in Marbella on the Costa del Sol (or Costa del Golf as they call it!) I work with many different sports people such as golfers, motorbike riders, runners, cyclists and footballers. Its always a challenge helping a client prepare for a competition, or being there while they compete to provide a sports massage service.

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Marbella Massage Prices

Please note that I am currently on maternity leave. If you would like to receive notification when I return to work please email me on tracey@handsonmassage.eu and I will update you in the new year.

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Current Hands On clients have commented on the service they have received ...

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Contact Form

Contact me to make an appointment or if you have any queries about the mobile massage service I provide in Marbella.

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